Thursday, 16 October 2008

Have you got the right bed?

The Sleep Council offer a lot of advise on how to get a good nights sleep. The following information is just one section,taken from their web site. Well worth reading!

Buying the right bed in the first place is one thing. But, all
too often people don't notice the gradual deterioration of
their bed until the level of discomfort is quite extreme
- and think of how much time you must have spent in a
less than perfect bed by the time it reaches that
stage. It’s not just the bed’s deterioration through use
that you hould be aware of, either.

Our own individual needs and preferences change over
time, too. Changes in lifestyles or physical conditions
also affect our bed requirements.
Your mattress lifespan for offering optimum support
and comfort will vary depending on its quality, its
frequency of use, the wear and tear it undergoes (sadly,
a heavier person will wear out a bed more quickly than
a lighter one, a couple more quickly than a lone person),
and how well it’s been looked after. As a rough guide however,
even a good quality mattress, in normal use, should not
be expected to last more than about 10 years

The Sleep Council have devised a simple bed MOT (Mattress
Obsolescence Test), which they recommend should be done every
year after the first three-five years.
If you answer ‘Yes’ to three questions, you're not getting the best
possible night’s sleep. Five or more ‘Yes’ answers and it’s time to
buy a new bed.
Yes No
■ ■ Is the bed 10 years old or more?
■ ■ Do you ever wake up with neck or back ache?
■ ■ Is the mattress cover torn or stained?
■ ■ When lying in bed, do you feel springs or ridges
beneath the surface?
■ ■ When moving in bed do you hear creaks,
crunches or other suspicious noises?
■ ■ Do you and your partner roll towards each other
■ ■ Is the bed too small to give an undisturbed
night’s sleep?
■ ■ Is the divan or base uneven or sagging?
■ ■ Are the legs and castors worn out?
■ ■ Would it be embarrassing if the neighbours saw
the bed without its covers?
To go the the Sleep Council web page, click here

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Leather Bed Sheets and Bedding

Ever thought of sleeping on Leather?

We use it for shoes, boots, gloves and jackets, so why not sheets?

I have never used them myself, but I am told that you know you're
at the top of the lifestyle ladder when you home is enhanced with real leather sheets and bedding. They are soft and seductive, with that unmistakable Leather aroma.

A colleague make these from 100% top grade Leather, with hides sourced from Northern Italy. The quality is superb and the finished products are without doubt the finest available anywhere.

To have a look at some photos of the items click here , then choose "UK and Europe" and click on Leather on left hand side..