Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Electric beds

At one time Electric or Adjustable beds were used by the elderly or people with movement difficulties. Not anymore! Now, you get a choice of beds from 75cm wide single mattress,up to 200cm wide(6' 6")bed with two separate mattresses, both electrically adjustable. This means that you can sit up in bed at the touch of a button, read the paper, have a coffee, watch the TV (with the sound suitably muted) without disturbing your partner.

The trouble is the standard fitted sheets will not stay in place when the mattress is moved. They were never designed to. To get over this problem, our sheets are tailored to accommodate the movement and yet remain in place. The same tailoring is required for mattress covers and valances, everything made to measure. However, that’s what our workforce does best! With the correct valance, the lifting mechanism is hidden even when the mattress is tilted upwards.
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