Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Round Beds and Bedding

Round beds are selling well at the moment, so we get orders for bed linens to fit. Some people buy the bed and then think about how they are going to cover it.

A round fitted sheet is easy enough to get, but what about the quilt and the quilt cover? Use the old king size one that you already have? Not really! Why spend good money on a Round bed if the duvet is not going to be Round also. Besides, a rectangular duvet hanging over the round bed is not very comfortable. This requires a shaped duvet which will drape over the bed and still leave somewhere at the top for your head. Likewise the duvet covers.

And what about the pillows? You can't have square or rectangular pillows either. So, we shaped the pillows to compliment the perimeter of the bed and obviously the pillowcases to match.

So far we have the bed, fitted sheet, duvet, duvet cover, pillows and pillowcases. What about the top sheet to put between you and the duvet? Saves washing the quilt cover every week! For this we make a semi-fitted, which means that it is shaped and fitted at the bottom to hold it in place, but like a flat sheet at the top.
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