Monday, 9 February 2009

Need a new headboard?

Try this the very latest in wall decoration. By employing multiple panels (Tex-Tiles) you can create stunning wall decoration and so it has proved by using “Clusters” of Tex-Tiles the appearance of a room can instantly take on a new ambience.

You can highlight a new piece of furniture in any room in the house. In the bedroom they can be used instead of a headboard by placing them on the wall behind the bed. Choose the colours to highlight the your duvet or curtains.

The tiles are 230mm (9”) square and can be bought separately. You can send your own photo and have them printed onto canvas, so that you can mix them in with a cluster. Over 30 colours to choose from, as well as a selection of prints.

The very same Tex-Tiles* can be used for sound proofing – behind the scenes is a 30 mm deep panel of high quality sound absorbing material. If that is still not enough we have "Bacteria Control" -the same Tex-Tile only this time “behind the scenes” there is a passive filter which kills 99% of known bacteria including MRSA.

This is refered to as “atmospheric scrubbing” it relies on the natural flue effect in a living area. For instance, if you lift a picture off a wall you will find a shadow of dust (containing bacteria) This has been deposited by the natural flow of air in the room. When you have a cluster of Tex-Tiles fitted with the filter system they are very effective.

The tiles are made from selected sustainable soft wood and are untreated (Natural). The fabric range of plain dyed colours is a canvas construction made from expensive cotton/linen union 63% cotton 37% linen. The images and colour woven fabrics are 100% Cotton - 100% Polyester. For more details mail me at this address

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