Thursday, 22 January 2009

Travel the Silk Road!

Silk, the fabric of the Emperors, is now widely used in the manufacture of bed sheets
Silk is a natural, breathable fabric which wicks away moisture, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, aiding restful sleep. Silk is gentle on the skin slowing down skin aging signs and keeping your hair looking great.It is Hypoallergenic and an organic fibre.

As with all fabrics, Silk comes in a variety of qualities depending on wheter it is wild or cultivated, among other things. The finest Silk Sheets are hand-crafted from the most exquisite 100% Pure Chinese finest A grade long fibre Satin Mulberry.

Silk bed linen is beneficial for a whole host of skin ailments and is a recommended for the prevention and treatment of allergies. White silk is particularly suitable being natural and un-dyed.

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