Monday, 5 January 2009

Tried sleeping on water?


The following information is provided by the BritishWaterbed Association

Waterbeds are the best sleep system we know to help our bodies relax and to provide maximum body support. They are comfortable, hygienic and durable. Discover a better way to sleep, night after night, year after year.

Waterbeds increase relaxation, meaning longer periods with less movement and fewer re-awakenings. Our bodies are, after all, over 80% water and we were surrounded by it for the first nine months of our lives. It's the gentlest and most supportive surface on which to sleep and relax, and can be heated to whatever temperature suits you best.
It can provide unusually helpful support for cavalescents, pregnant women or those with painful joint conditions. Spreading your weight evenly over its surface, it eliminates pressure points and the risk of bedsores.

For those suffering from serious asthma or just minor sinus problems due to dust-allergies, a waterbed can be the hygienic and easily mantainable solution.

All of us come up against back problems at one stage in our lives, whether it be a serious condition or a niggling complaint due to improper sleeping posture, a waterbed can afford relief and often a complete solution.

Due to even placement of body weight over a waterbed, they significantly reduces the risk of bedsores developing and puts less stress on the body during sleep and convalescence.
With soothing heat and even distribution of weight, waterbeds are incredibly kind on injured joints and those suffering from arthritis.

Due to all of the reasons listed above and many more, a waterbed is one of the most relaxing surfaces to sleep on, offering relief from many insomnia conditions that are caused by other more undetectable problems such as bad sleeping posture, coldness, uncomfortable mattresses, etc. A waterbed gives you the best chance to get a good nights sleep and wake refreshed and ready to go.

Of course waterbeds need special sheets and mattress covers. Should there be need, click here

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